How to link Payoneer with Bkash ? Withdrawal money from Payoneer directly to Bkash

Freelancers in Bangladesh will now be able to receive payments using their bKash accounts from all over the world through Payoneer, a US-based digital payment system.

BKash has offered hope to the country’s booming freelancer population, as they may now receive payments via the mobile financial service (MFS) provider in a matter of seconds.

To that end, bKash has collaborated with Payoneer, an online payment gateway service provider that allows customers to send and receive payments from anywhere in the world.

In February of last year, Bangladesh Bank permitted MFS providers in the country to process remittances from local freelancers. Previously, such remittance services could only be provided by banks. Any incoming remittance will be remitted to the lender via Bangladesh Bank via Payoneer before being deposited in the recipient’s bKash account.

To use the service, freelancers must link their Payoneer accounts to their bKash accounts. When a freelancer deposits a minimum of Tk 1,000 into their bKash account, they will be able to withdraw money and will get the money in real-time in 2-3 min max.


How to link bkash with Payoneer?

BKash customers will be able to easily register a new Payoneer account or link their existing account from the ‘Remittance’ icon of the bKash app. Once linked, freelancers can check their Payoneer account balance, and instantly bring their payments to their bKash accounts.

  • Open Latest Bkash App
  • Click on more options inside App
  • Click on Remittance
  • You will find the Payoneer icon
  • Link with existing Payoneer account or linked with new if you don’t have any



Note: The Bkash account and Payoneer account holders have to be the same person and both are verified with NID/Passport/Driving License or else your payment could be blocked in the gateway.


These funds can be used for any purpose including ‘Send Money’ to other bKash accounts, ‘Pay Bill’, ‘Payment’ of shopping, ‘Cash Out’, etc. Freelancers from every corner of the country no longer need to wait to receive remittance payments, addressing a key challenge to growth for these workers.

Campaign offers

BKash announced campaign offers on the occasion of launching the service. Freelancers receiving the highest amount of payment each day will be given a mobile phone starting from 10-16 February 2022. A customer can receive this prize only once during the campaign. To be eligible, the amount of money coming from Payoneer to the bKash account must be more than Tk 15,000 in one or multiple transactions. Winners will receive the prizes at the end of the campaign.

In addition, bKash is offering 2 percent instant cashback on every Payoneer transaction from 10 February to 10 March.



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